Why SALT Lending Is the Premier Choice for Celsius Creditors

March 15, 2024

We’re obviously biased (maybe a little SALTy), but this comparison graphic succinctly illustrates why SALT stands above the other options for Celsius creditors. This blog aims to clarify the often misunderstood “Custody Loans” and highlight the distinct advantages of SALT’s Stabilization feature, ensuring you’re well-informed to make the best decision for your financial future. Custody Loans Demystified:The term “Custody Loans,” as used by Figure and Ledn, might imply a level of security and control not entirely present. While Figure has plans to introduce a similar feature, SALT’s Stabilization is activated at a 90.91% LTV, offering more leeway than Figure’s 85% trigger. Book a call with our Sales Team TODAY to use SALT for refinancing your Celsius loanSchedule call here

The source of this news is from SALT