USDT vs USDC: Which stablecoin should you use?

January 01, 2023

USDT and USDC are two of the main stablecoinsWhat is USDT? Upon its release, hundreds of cryptocurrency trading pairs began listing against USDT, giving the coin a first-mover advantage in the stablecoin market. USDC vs USDT at a glanceTrading pairsBoth USDT and USDC are popular choices to be used as trading pairs on DeFi (decentralized finance) protocols. Current interest rates for lending USDC (Image source)Staking Rewards is one of many tools you can use to view current USDT lending rates. MoonPay allows you to buy USDT and USDC in secondsUSDC vs USDT: Final thoughtsUSDC and USDT are but two of many stablecoins offered in the crypto ecosystem today.

The source of this news is from MoonPay