Update on ETHW Forked Tokens

December 31, 2022

Many of our third party vendors are not supporting the proof-of-work chain (ETHW), including those involved in account funding and withdrawals. As of October 2022, ETHW does not meet our standard criteria for a trade-only token due to its small market capitalization, limited trading liquidity, and low demand from institutional borrowers. BlockFi is passing through proceeds from the ETHW sale to clients who held ETH in their BlockFi Interest Account*, BlockFi Wallet, or as collateral on a loan on a pro-rata basis. Qualified clients will receive the value of the ETHW as GUSD in their BlockFi Wallet account on Thursday, October 20, 2022 by EOD. The information contained herein, unless otherwise stated, are the property of (and all copyright shall belong to) BlockFi.

The source of this news is from BlockFi