Unstoppable Domains and Kintsugi Global, Inc. Roll Out Web3 Identities for 2.8 Billion Anime Fans

May 17, 2023

As the exclusive partner for .anime and .manga Web3 domains, Kintsugi Global, Inc. is poised to unite 2.8 billion global anime fans for a more fair, equitable, and inclusive experience for everyone. The launch will bring together global anime and manga fans to give them a true voice in the industry. Anime and manga fans will be able to support and fund their favorite characters, creators, and content. Unstoppable Domains allows people to create profiles and connect them with their social channels, showcase on-chain tokens like tickets and awards, display badges, and more. As the exclusive partner for .anime and .manga domains, Kintsugi also owns the rights to market and sell various anime and manga projects globally and will leverage these domains for upcoming collections.

The source of this news is from Unstoppable Domains