Unhosted is unwelcome: EU’s attack on noncustodial wallets is part of a larger trend

January 01, 2023

A part of a larger trendWith its increased activity on the crypto regulation front, the European Union isn’t alone in its suspicion of noncustodial wallets. In January 2022, however, the Department of the Treasury reintroduced the proposal to tighten the grip over noncustodial wallets in its new regulatory plan. By integrating existing off-the-shelf compliance solutions that equally value privacy, crypto can relatively seamlessly embrace compliance while preserving financial freedoms. Today, that means including noncustodial wallets in your Travel Rule solution. After all, what regulators call “unhosted” wallets is an essential tool for the underbanked and the financially underserved globally.

The source of this news is from Netki