Travel Ledger Partners With Nium To Expand Its Global B2B Settlement Capabilities For Travel Businesses Worldwide

March 12, 2023

Nium, a global leader in cross-border money movement, and Travel Ledger, a global B2B settlement network for the travel industry, have announced a strategic agreement to bring innovative payments solutions to travel businesses worldwide. Leveraging Nium’s global payment network, the partnership expands Travel Ledger market reach to the whole of the UK, Europe, US, and beyond. With this partnership, Travel Ledger can settle directly and onboard faster companies internationally. “Partnering with Nium is a significant step towards achieving our mission of simplifying the remittance process for the travel industry,” said Travel Ledger CEO. For more information visit www.nium.comAbout Travel Ledger: Travel Ledger is a Global settlement network for the travel industry, reducing cost and increasing remittance speed by simplifying the time-consuming processes of B2B invoicing and payments.

The source of this news is from Nium