Transforming the Energy Consumption Model for Buildings

December 30, 2022

IBM Consulting’s Flex Platform service uses technology to balance buildings’ consumption of electricity with the production of green energy and turns existing buildings into part of the solution by utilizing flexible energy demand. This reduction in energy consumption can help municipalities begin to reduce their carbon footprint and set themselves up for greener success by adopting a flexible approach to their power consumption. Greater flexibility in energy consumptionThe Flex Platform, created by IBM in partnership with Andel Energi, Denmark’s largest energy company, is designed to work with fluctuating energy sources. Electrical systems like HVAC generally account for 25% of the building’s total energy consumption, and approximately 30% of this consumption is considered to be flexible. By leveraging technology to regulate energy consumption, we can help companies – and even cities – better prepare for the changing environment and get ahead of government regulations.

The source of this news is from IBM