The IBM Ecosystem at Work: How We’re Delivering on Our Vision

December 30, 2022

Our approach is to work across the ecosystem with strategic and specialized business partners, developers and systems integrators to develop holistic solutions enabled by IBM technology. Camelot grew out of DigiFlight, a veteran- and minority-owned, small business that’s part of the IBM Ecosystem. IBM Client Engineering, our co-creation process that pairs IBM technology experts with clients and partners to develop solutions that use IBM technology and methodologies. We created the following assets to address the identified gaps: zero trust lexicon, maturity model and roadmap for implementation of zero trust. In another zero trust initiative, Red Hat is collaborating with Raytheon Intelligence & Space (RI&S) to combine RI&S’s new zero trust security platform REDPro ZTX (also known as Zero Trust eXtended) with Red Hat® OpenShift® at enterprise scale.

The source of this news is from IBM