The 4 Best End-to-End Encryption Tools for Voice Chat

January 01, 2023

End-to-end encryption is widely used by many apps today, and is becoming the industry standard. “End-to-end encryption is the act of applying encryption to the data on your device and not decrypting it until it reaches the destination. Shortly thereafter, Google rolled out end-to-end encryption via the Signal protocol as an opt-in feature for its now-defunct Allo messenger and in its Duo video chat service. You can read about how your calls on Google’s Duo stay private with end-to-end encryption here, and here’s the technical white paper. Wickr Secure Messaging ProtocolThe Wickr Secure Messaging Protocol is the foundation for Wickr security, and supports “end-to-end encryption for file transfer, audio/video communications, or future use cases,” Wickr shares in its technical white paper.

The source of this news is from High Fidelity