Terrorism Financing: Israel Seizes $1.7M in Crypto from Hezbollah

June 30, 2023

In total, the agency seized roughly $1.7 million worth of cryptocurrency and disrupted cryptocurrency-based terrorism financing infrastructure jointly run by the two organizations. NBCTF’s seizure is yet another victory in the fight against cryptocurrency-based terrorism financing, and the details revealed in this announcement also reveal crucial operational details of how Hezbollah and other terrorist groups utilize cryptocurrency. We’ve previously covered the usage of such services for terrorism financing, but those analyses have focused on the laundering of small donations rather than funding from state sponsors like Iran. List of Hezbollah-affiliated cryptocurrency addresses affected by NBCTF’s seizureIn total, NBCTF includes 40 addresses on the seizure list associated with this action. It also shows that despite victories like Hamas’ recent abandonment of crypto donations due to law enforcement pressure, the fight against crypto-based terrorism financing isn’t yet over.