Strengthen Community Bonds with Web3 Segment from Unstoppable

September 23, 2023

Back to Blog PostsStrengthen Community Bonds with Web3 Segment from Unstoppable Sep 20, 2023 · Last updated on Sep 20, 2023 Share this article:At Unstoppable Domains, we understand the value of fostering strong connections with your community. Unlock Web3 SegmentWeb3 Segment is designed to help our partners send targeted messages directly to their community members' crypto wallets. Login to the Partner Dashboard: Access your account and navigate to the Web3 Segment section. Subscribe to Web3 Segment: Follow the straightforward checkout process, where you can conveniently pay by credit card. Connect MeaningfullyWith Web3 Segment, you'll unlock the full potential of messaging to strengthen your community through meaningful interactions.

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