Staking Cosmos Ecosystem Tokens

December 31, 2022

The Cosmos SDK, in turn, serves as scaffolding to build blockchains that can easily plug into the Cosmos Ecosystem at large. Cosmos Ecosystem Tokens are the native cryptocurrencies of these application-specific blockchains. Why is staking so important with Cosmos Ecosystem Tokens? Cosmos Ecosystem Tokens are delegated to validators through a process called “bonding”, and are conversely “unbonded” when the staker decides to stop staking. At the time of this publication, Anchorage Digital supports staking for the following Cosmos Ecosystem Tokens:Cosmos (ATOM)Agoric (BLD)Axelar (AXL)Evmos (EVMOS)Osmosis (OSMO)Provenance (HASH)We plan to add more Cosmos tokens as they launch.

The source of this news is from Anchorage Digital