Stack Your Bench with NFL Rivals Player Cards

January 21, 2023

Very soon, you’ll be able to start building the most stacked bench imaginable for your team on NFL Rivals. Player Cards are the pieces of the game you need to build your personal lineup on NFL Rivals. Player identifiersYou’ll see the player’s name, team affiliation, and an officially licensed photo of the player on every Player Card. Gamers participating for the first time in the presale will also earn a bonus NFL Rivals starter bundle worth $20, which will include an NFT-backed player card, two non-NFT player cards, and NFL Rivals in-game resources, and be redeemable upon the full release of the game. This player card presale will run for a limited time, so stay tuned for updates on when we’ll be closing it.

The source of this news is from Mythical Games