Research Weekly - Notes on the ETFs

March 19, 2024

IN TODAY'S ISSUE:Collectively the spot ETFs have been wildly successful, but even individually, most of the ETFs would be considered successful compared to most ETFs. Notes on the ETFsWithout a doubt, the event of 2024 within crypto and perhaps the entire world of financial markets, has been the launch of spot bitcoin ETFs in the US. Today we present several items of interest that while seemingly disparate in nature, give us a better understanding of the bitcoin ETF picture. ETFs Gather Net $12B in Funds Since LaunchThe net inflows since the launch spot bitcoin ETFs on January 11th have been no short of astounding. The next smallest is the Franklin Bitcoin ETF (EZBC) at $228M in net assets, well above the median ETF size.

The source of this news is from NYDIG