Public Key Ep 45: How Law Enforcement is Combating Pig Butchering Crypto Scams

March 03, 2023

Public Key Episode 45 preview: Law enforcement collaboration to tackle pig butchering crypto scamsA multi-billion dollar scam operation that incorporates industrial-scale scam centers, human trafficking, fake investment websites, and cryptocurrency. Pig butchering is emerging as a serious priority for law enforcement who are seeing victims lose their life savings to scammers that may be victims themselves. Alona and Erin explain how victims are being taken advantage of and how public-private partnerships and law enforcement coalitions are collaborating to combat this billion-dollar industry. You need private partners, you need public partners, you need local law enforcement. (18:00) – The REACT Task Force and how law enforcement is collaborating to counter Pig Butchering schemes(22:03) – Crypto is more recoverable than some law enforcement might think, but victims have to be cautious of third-party recovery services.