Podcast: Revolutionizing EU Payment Gateway with Crypto

April 11, 2023

How do you solve crypto companies’ access to banking in the EU? Former Chainalysis colleague Simon Ousager (CEO & Co-Founder) of Januar explains how his company is solving this problem and revolutionizing the payment gateway in the EU. Public Key Episode 51 preview: Solving the banking access problem for EU crypto companiesAccess to banking services for crypto companies has always been challenging, and with the recent bank failures in the USA, blockchain companies, crypto exchanges, and stablecoin issuers have been severely impacted. Simon explains why the EU market is perfect for Januar to provide payment gateway services in crypto and how the MiCA regulations have actually been beneficial in providing more clarity for companies like Januar and other crypto exchanges in the region. – Simon Ousager (CEO & Co-Founder, Januar)Minute-by-minute episode breakdown(2:05) – Simon’s early beginnings at Chainalysis and founding Januar to solve the banking issue for EU crypto companies(6:25) – Januar’s all-in-one solution to accessing IBAN accounts, B2B crypto transactions, and compliance support(13:50) – How do MiCA regulations impact payment gateways using crypto in the EU?