Podcast Ep 54: US Regulations & Institutional Adoption of Crypto

May 02, 2023

USA crypto regulatory conversations are gearing up, and we get to speak to Sam ten Cate (Managing Director of State Street Digital, State Street) to discuss the existing regulatory landscape amidst a chaotic year in crypto. In this episode, Ian Andrews is joined by an avid reader of reports coming from USA regulatory authorities regarding crypto, Sam ten Cate (Managing Director of State Street Digital, State Street). Sam discusses how major bank and crypto exchange failures have had an impact on the regulatory conversation in the US and explains key concepts related to institutional crypto adoption, like segregation of activity and tokenization. Sam explains how State Street started innovating in the crypto space and provides results from their recent survey to show the current state of institutional investor interest in the crypto market during a very chaotic and regulatory-heavy 2023. Unless stated otherwise, reference to any specific product or entity does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by Chainalysis.