Podcast Ep 50: The Bang & Olufsen NFT Journey

April 05, 2023

Episode 50 of the Public Key podcast is here! Christoffer Østergaard Poulsen (Senior Vice President, Business Development & Brand Partnering at Bang & Olufsen) explains how they leveraged their ability to collaborate with artists and musicians to create unique and immersive metaverse experiences and physical assets. Chainalysis does not guarantee or warrant the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of the information in any particular podcast and will not be responsible for any claim attributable to errors, omissions, or other inaccuracies of any part of such material. Unless stated otherwise, reference to any specific product or entity does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by Chainalysis. Views and opinions expressed by Chainalysis employees are those of the employees and do not necessarily reflect the views of the company.