Podcast Ep 46: Decentralized Cloud Infrastructure & Flux

March 07, 2023

In this episode, we talk with Daniel Keller, the co-founder of Flux, a company on the cutting edge of decentralized cloud infrastructure and building what may be considered the Killer dApp for web3. Well, that is where our next guest comes in Daniel Keller, who is the co-founder of Flux, a decentralized cloud infrastructure, sat down with Ian Andrews (Chief Marketing Officer, Chainalysis) and explained how Flux may be the Amazon AWS of the blockchain. Daniel explains the difference between centralized and decentralized cloud infrastructure and how companies are using his technology for a wide range of tasks, from setting up a WordPress site to facilitating crypto and NFT transactions. Daniel emphasizes the need to keep cloud infrastructure affordable and explains why Flux moved away from its privacy-centric origins. Radio Shack died because of Amazon essentially, because nobody wanted to go to Radio Shack, they could just order it on Amazon.” – Daniel Keller (co-founder of Flux)Minute-by-minute episode breakdown(2:35) – What is Flux, and why is this decentralized cloud infrastructure being called the “AWS on the blockchain”(5:25) – Decentralized vs. centralized cloud service providers(13:35) – What can be run on Flux’s decentralized cloud infrastructure?