Paxos Launches Engineering Research & Development Center of Excellence in Israel

February 03, 2023

Paxos plans to expand its Israel engineering center with senior, staff and principal engineers with specialized skills in enterprise-grade security, applied cryptography and blockchain technology given the strong tech talent pool in Israel. The Paxos platform relies on hardware technology and advanced cryptography to ensure the security of its solutions. The Paxos platform is used to secure billions of dollars’ worth of transactions and must deliver timely transaction processing at scale with high availability. Vitaliy Liptinchisky, Senior Director of Engineering of Paxos, stated, “Israel has emerged as a global hub for cryptography and security engineering. Paxos team members have significant ownership and impact on the business, as well as benefits like company equity, family leave, stipends for development and home office setup and unlimited PTO.

The source of this news is from Paxos