OWASP Foundation Announces CycloneDX Project Momentum with Contribution from IBM to Advance Software Supply Chain Security

March 03, 2023

IBM actively contributes and maintains a leadership role in industry-leading and up-and-coming open source communities, helping developers and business partners in the IBM Ecosystem manage their open source strategies. “IBM has a long history of contributing to a wide variety of open source communities such as the OWASP Foundation. Specifically, it scans the license text against the set of SPDX license templates and returns the CycloneDX LicenseChoice data incorporating three ways of expressing licenses: SPDX License ID, SPDX License Expression, and License name. “OWASP thanks IBM for these contributions to the OWASP CycloneDX project. About the OWASP FoundationThe Open Worldwide Application Security Project (OWASP) is a nonprofit organization that works to improve the security of software.

The source of this news is from IBM