Oasis Lab : Oasis Labs Joins Forces with Binance to Launch CryptoSafe Alliance and Decentralized Platform for Combatting Crypto Fraud

January 02, 2023

Oasis LabsToday, we are excited to announce that Oasis Labs has joined the Binance-led CryptoSafe Alliance as its inaugural member and primary infrastructure provider. Oasis Labs will work closely with Binance and other members of the CryptoSafe Alliance to develop a decentralized CryptoSafe Platform, which will allow members to share and access threat intelligence data across exchanges. Oasis Labs’ sophisticated technology built on top of the privacy-first, Oasis Network has the needed properties to build the CryptoSafe Platform and support an ecosystem of exchanges hoping to reduce crypto fraud. The CryptoSafe Platform is integrated with the Oasis Network via Oasis Labs’ privacy SDK, Parcel, which abstracts away the nuance of blockchain systems — making development easy and straightforward. For more information on how to join the CryptoSafe Alliance, please visit its website at: https://www.cryptosafe.org/.

The source of this news is from Oasis Labs