Oasis Lab : Giving Users Control of their Genomic Data

January 02, 2023

Oasis FoundationFrom massive data breaches to sales of private data, users and companies are now more concerned than ever with keeping personal health information private and secure. “This is a big problem because personal genomics can create a lot of value for the individuals who get tested. That’s why Oasis Labs and Nebula Genomics are partnering to give users first-of-its-kind control of their personal genomic data. In the future, Oasis Parcel will also enable Nebula Genomics users to securely share access to their data to participate in research studies. Setting New Standards in Data PrivacyTogether, Nebula Genomics and Oasis Labs hope to set a new standard for responsible data use in the personal genomics industry and provide consumers with first-of-its-kind control and oversight of their genetic data.

The source of this news is from Oasis Labs