NRF 2024: IBM Reports Generative AI Can Bridge the Consumer Expectation Gap with Unified, Integrated Shopping Experiences

January 16, 2024

Generative AI can help address these expectations, creating retail environments as intuitive and unified as they are finely tuned to individual needs. The "Revolutionize retail with AI everywhere: Consumers won't wait" study, unveiled ahead of NRF, surveyed nearly 20,000 individuals worldwide, revealing a dissatisfaction with retail experiences. Just 9% of consumers surveyed said they are content with in-store shopping and just 14% are content with online shopping. At NRF, IBM will demonstrate how WEx can equip employees with technology to help them provide the level of service that customers expect. Following NRF, join IBM on January 23rd for the latest installment in our retail-focused LinkedIn Live series.

The source of this news is from IBM