Nitro Nation World Tour Workshop Featurette

December 29, 2022

Nitro Nation World Tour: Workshopping through WorkshopsWorkshops are digital lots that let players manage their cars’ looks and performance. You will be able to upgrade, repair, maintain, and customize your car collection. As a Workshop owner and operator, anytime another player uses your Workshop to improve their car, you will get a percentage of that cost in in-game currency. Workshop VariationsEach Workshop has a different set of in-game benefits based on its type and rarity. Each type has a different combination of the following stats, with each rarity having varying amounts:Increases the club’s car upgrade level cap# of Upgrade slots# of Service slots# of Repair slots# of Customize slots# of Rental slots# of Loan slots% Upgrade Speed Bonus% Service Speed Bonus% Repair Speed Bonus% Customize Speed Bonus% Upgrade Cost Reduction Bonus% Service Cost Reduction Bonus% Repair Cost Reduction Bonus% Customize Cost Reduction BonusThe higher the rarity, the greater the in-game benefits.

The source of this news is from Mythical Games