Nitro Nation Car Reveal & Presale Date

June 02, 2023

Nitro Nation World Tour Cars OverviewCheck out the Car Presale page to find out information about:- The Car Presale- Car Explainer Overview Video- Car Manufacturers (with more to be released soon!) Nitro Nation World Tour Car BrandsAbout the PresaleA racer is only as good as their car, and the best cars are coming to you in the Nitro Nation World Tour car presale. Meaning the Car Presale increases your chance to snag a top tier car ahead of everyone else. Nitro Nation World Tour Car Presale PacksContender Pack: $40 - 5000 Packs AvailableContains 1 limited edition car ranked A1+, 1 common+ spark plug, and access to the closed beta. The sooner you snag a car from the Car Presale the lower your license plate number is.

The source of this news is from Mythical Games