NFT staking explained

January 01, 2023

There are also NFT staking platforms designed to enable NFT holders and non-holders to make the most of these digital assets. Just as you can view the annual percentage yield (APY) on traditional cryptocurrency staking platforms, so too can you preview returns on NFT staking sites. 1) Annual NFT staking yield/APYWhat are the expected returns for staking of the project? Other platforms built for NFT staking include:BAND Royalty allows users to earn royalties from staking music NFTs (Image source)The best NFT collections for stakingCyberKongzCyberKongz is one of the original NFT staking collections that pays out in its native cryptocurrency $BANANA. NFT staking consRuggingWhile your NFT is staked there are always risks of rugging.

The source of this news is from MoonPay