New IBM Study Reveals Inadequate Data Hinders Progress Against Environmental, Social and Governance Goals

April 17, 2023

The study* reveals that surveyed executives point to inadequate data (41%) as the biggest obstacle to their ESG progress, followed by regulatory barriers (39%), inconsistent standards (37%) and inadequate skills (36%). Without the ability to access, analyze and understand ESG data, companies struggle to deliver greater transparency to the consumer – a key stakeholder – and meet consumer expectations. "As a majority of consumers choose to buy from and work for ESG leaders, businesses must prioritize transparency and break down barriers to ESG data." Other study findings include:Companies are investing in ESG and see it as good for business76% of surveyed executives say ESG is central to their business strategy. Only 1 in 3 surveyed consumers say they have sufficient information to make sustainable investing and saving decisions.

The source of this news is from IBM