New Featured Community Parties - 7/20/23

July 23, 2023

Hey, Party-goers~We have 15 new parties now available in the Featured Party Bus rotation! KO PartiesCrystal Maze 507Creator: TGJunior5O7Sky FightersCreator: BluebloodPaper PlanesCreator: BlankoGodDevils CradleCreator: xmatt86ParatroopersCreator: OliverYS3MUSIC Club YetiCreator: BluebloodS3MUSIC B-recordsCreator: ELULTIMOCUERVORace PartiesMini Food MountainCreator: ELULTIMOCUERVOTabarcaCreator: SamomoS3MUSIC Kraken RaveCreator: SamomoS3MUSIC Blanko LullabyCreator: CRYPTICzLEGENDzTime To BounceCreator: CRYPTICzLEGENDzVibe PartiesUNDERWORLD 507Creator: TGJunior5O7S3MUSIC NOOBIES WORLD TOUR 2023.FIYACreator: FiyamanS3MUSIC Concert in the Floating CityCreator: xmatt86

The source of this news is from Mythical Games