New Featured Community Parties - 6/1/23

June 02, 2023

Hey, Party-goers~We have 10 new parties now available in the Featured Party Bus rotation! KO PartiesBlankovilleCreator: CRYPTICzLEGENDzMutiny on the BlankoCreator: YeeshaBring It On.FIYACreator: FiyamanX.ColosseumCreator: CRAZYXThe Sound of BulletsCreator: ELULTIMOCUERVORace PartiesDesert Canyon RaceCreator: JoshForemanVibe PartiesGrand GambitCreator: jhcosmicCC Green Yellow RedCreator: SelvesteGudEl HoyoCreator: SamomoTrainlineCreator: BlankoGod

The source of this news is from Mythical Games