New Brawl Maps - 4/13/23

April 15, 2023

Hey, Party-goers~We have 10 new parties now available in the Brawl map rotation! KO PartiesSlide To The DeathCreator: BlankoGodDiva ShooterCreator: DDDivaHokkaidoCreator: SelvesteGudX.Monstertruck MayhemCreator: CRAZYXSon of a BeachCreator: CRYPTICzLEGENDzCube FeudCreator: SelvesteGudRace PartiesFire TempleCreator: SamomoVibe PartiesInside The CavesCreator: BlankoGodGate KeepersCreator: DiddleyHouse of MushroomsCreator: ELULTIMOCUERVO

The source of this news is from Mythical Games