New Brawl Maps - 3/31/23

April 01, 2023

Hey, Party-goers~We have 10 new parties now available in the Brawl map rotation! KO PartiesLucky Cat TempleCreator: ELULTIMOCUERVOLNY23 Bunny PewPewCreator: Chapter69LNY23 Rabbit/DragonCreator: DiddleyLNY23 Year Of The RabbitCreator: SelvesteGudRace partiesLNY23 The Magic TempleCreator: XxDirtyMagicxXLNY23 Raw Bit HoleCreator: SamomoLNY23 Rabbit Year ('X')Creator: mokapop3Vibe PartiesLNY23 Mini Game YaaayCreator: FiyamanLNY23 Old Rabbit TempleCreator: xmatt86LNY23 Rabbit Rock: Lantern Festival FallCreator: Dogfall

The source of this news is from Mythical Games