New Brawl Maps - 2/24/23

February 25, 2023

Hey, Party-goers~We have 9 new parties now available in the Brawl map rotation! KO PartiesGame For ChildrenCreator: ELULTIMOCUERVOShooting The NewsCreator: DiddleySecret UndergroundCreator: SelvesteGudKnight SweatsCreator: DiddleyElevatorCreator: BashLukasRace PartiesWhac-A-CheckpointCreator: ELULTIMOCUERVOBlack Hole to BlankoverseCreator: BlankoGodVibe PartiesThe Real King Of The Hill!!! Creator: CRYPTICzLEGENDzSwamp PoppinCreator: jhcosmic

The source of this news is from Mythical Games