New Brawl Maps - 1/20/23

January 21, 2023

Hey, Party-goers~! We have 21 new parties now available in the Brawl map rotation! KO PartiesCosmic's LabCreator: jhcosmicBox ShootoutsCreator: Dary6Blankos HengeCreator: NativoSamaStreet LifeCreator: SelvesteGudGet ArenaCreator: GetDownSparkyBlank-O-BowlCreator: CRYPTICZLEGENDZNitro NationCreator: SelvesteGudChannel SurfingCreator: DiddleyTemple TagCreator: SelvesteGudRace PartiesTomb RunCreator: DonsyThe Blanko With The Golden RunCreator: vespercoinFallCreator: SelvesteGudMarble RunCreator: BashLukasTarget PartiesLittle Blue PlanetCreator: jhcosmicOne Hit One PointCreator: BashLukasDon't Hit Me.FIYACreator: FiyamanBoats And FoesCreator: BlankoGodVibe PartiesAmazedCreator: BlankoGodHidden Turtle IslandCreator: vespercoinBass City ClimbCreator: jhcosmicPink Pig Palace PartyCreator: jhcosmic

The source of this news is from Mythical Games