Netki and AlphaPoint Announce Partnership to Facilitate Crypto Onboarding Projects Worldwide

January 01, 2023

As the leading companies in developing and operating national scale crypto platforms, only Netki and AlphaPoint have the requisite experience to build secure, reliable solutions for onboarding and operating a nation’s crypto initiative. They chose Netki and AlphaPoint because of their strong expertise in scaling, security and fraud prevention. "Netki and AlphaPoint have made history as the first two companies in the world to successfully execute a nationwide bitcoin adoption platform. Netki’s scalability and fraud prevention were key factors in our success in working together," stated Igor Telyatnikov, Co-Founder and CEO of AlphaPoint. By utilizing intuitive design as well as natural native language coaching and instructions, even users new to financial services can easily use and benefit from the application.

The source of this news is from Netki