Lemonade's 2023 Giveback

July 12, 2023

But we’re especially proud of our genuine commitment to social impact—from our status as a Certified B Corp and Public Benefit Corporation, to our annual Giveback program. Lemonade’s renters, homeowners, car, and pet insurance customers are all given the chance to choose a charity that resonates with them when they sign up for their policy. In 2023, our Lemonade policyholders made it possible to donate over $2,008,847 around the world. Robin Hood: $18,461 to provide 36,000 meals for food banks throughout NYC. PROTECTING CIVIL RIGHTS: $582,642UNICEF USA: $223,621 to send 277,667 people water and food in Sudan, as part of a critical emergency response.

The source of this news is from Lemonade