Launching Improvements to the Unstoppable Android and iOS Apps

May 25, 2023

Android App UpdatesConnect with external wallets through WalletConnect WalletConnect (WC) is a protocol that allows people to connect their crypto wallets to dApps and other blockchain-based applications. You can now seamlessly interact with a number of external wallet apps through the Unstoppable Android app, including Rainbow, Trust, and Zerion, managing crypto with your Unstoppable domain. Use Unstoppable Login Unstoppable Login is a single sign-on service that lets you login to a variety of websites and applications using your Unstoppable domain. By integrating Unstoppable Login on our Android app, we’re making it easier for you to login to your favorite applications while you’re on the go. Unstoppable iOS App UpdatesThe Unstoppable iOS app includes all of the same features as the Android app, plus a few additional ones like NFC support, domain transfers, referrals and more!

The source of this news is from Unstoppable Domains