Introduction to ERC-20 Tokens

June 30, 2023

Keep reading to learn more about:advantages and benefits of ERC-20 tokensrisks and challenges of ERC-20 tokenscreating an ERC-20 tokenERC-20 token use cases and growthERC-20 standards and variationsWhat is the ERC-20 standard? Risks and challenges of ERC-20 tokensUnfortunately, the ease with which Ethereum participants can create ERC-20 tokens has the potential to enable bad actors. Creating an ERC-20 tokenDue to the standard code provided by ERC-20, creating Ethereum tokens is generally intuitive. ERC-20 token use cases and growthTokens powered by the ERC-20 standard can represent many different assets — both digital and physical. Below are the top 15 ERC-20 tokens by market capitalization, showcasing diverse products and services that use the ERC-20 standard.