Introducing Mobile Profiles on iOS and the New Unstoppable Android App

December 30, 2022

We’re also introducing the first version of our new Android app – so Android’s 2.7 billion users can keep their digital identity in their pockets. Manage your profile on iOS Now, you can update and manage your Unstoppable profile page directly from the Unstoppable iOS app. Making your iOS experience better More than 29,000 of you have download our mobile app for iOS since launching earlier this year. Unstoppable mobile app now available on Android We’re also excited to introduce the first version of the Unstoppable mobile app for Android! A few months ago, we released the new Unstoppable mobile app for iOS and heard a lot of “wen Android?” We listened, and today, we’re excited to release the first version of the Unstoppable Android app which has already seen more than 2,000 downloads!

The source of this news is from Unstoppable Domains