ICC And Nium Launch Coding Challenge To Engage Tech-Loving Cricket Fans

January 02, 2023

The “Nium Coding Challenge” is the first of several technology programmes in a digitally-led partnership that will focus on engaging a global, cricket-loving, technology-minded community. The Nium Coding Challenge will enable technologists to combine their passion for cricket with their love for innovation. ICC Head of Digital, Finn Bradshaw said: “We are excited to launch the Nium Coding Challenge as a first for the ICC and to give fans the chance to play an active role in creating a brand-new digital experience for the pinnacle event of Men’s T20 cricket. The ICC presides over the ICC Code of Conduct which sets the professional standards of discipline for international cricket, playing conditions, bowling reviews and other ICC regulations. The ICC Development department works with Associate Members to improve the quality of international cricket, build better cricket systems, get more people playing cricket and grow the game.

The source of this news is from Nium