IBM to Help Canadian Enterprises Leverage Generative AI and Address their Data Sovereignty Requirements

April 09, 2024

IBM’s expanded presence in Canada is expected to help clients throughout the country manage their emerging and existing regulatory demands – including geographic requirements around sovereignty – while driving innovation. “As we strive to help our customers across the utilities sector deliver on their missions, it’s critical we deliver services quickly and close to where their data resides to help customers manage their data sovereignty requirements. IBM’s enterprise cloud platform is designed to help Canadian clients in even the most highly regulated industries with workloads on IBM Cloud as they address their local regulatory requirements. As clients across Canada embrace AI, IBM Cloud also offers a high-performance, flexible, AI-optimized infrastructure for IBM watsonx, with bare metal and virtual server GPU options. By delivering access to IBM’s enterprise cloud platform designed for highly regulated industries, IBM aims to help clients across Canada accelerate cloud adoption.

The source of this news is from IBM