IBM, Casa Systems & Enea Partner to Deliver Private 5G, RAN Solutions to CSPs

December 30, 2022

Casa Systems, Enea and IBM have built a complete Private 5G solution that combines best in class technology with agility for service providers to deploy, or enterprises to build, Private 5G solutions that are more scalable, dynamically adjustable, reliable and secure. All three organizations are playing a significant role in bringing the Private 5G network to life. Manufacturing is just one example of an industry where Private 5G networks will play a critical role. Manufacturing is expected to be the largest beneficiary of 5G services, with many manufacturers already planning to build private 5G networks for factory applications. Additionally, IBM is working with Casa to build ORAN solutions to address Private 5G use cases enabling service providers and enterprises to build solutions that are much more flexible and resilient to change than they are today.

The source of this news is from IBM