IBM and VMware help enterprises adopt generative AI with watsonx on premises

November 08, 2023

IBM and VMware are working together to bring IBM watsonx to on-premises environments on VMware® Private AI and Red Hat® OpenShift®, to help enable fast, transparent generative AI capabilities. Generative AI use cases and tasks are far-ranging—from code generation to contact centers resolution experiences, IT operations automation, information retrieval and content creation. VMware Private AI and IBM watsonx bring flexibility to generative AIIBM and VMware provide enterprise customers the flexibility to enable generative AI use cases where your mission-critical operations reside. That’s why IBM and VMware are pairing VMware Cloud Foundation, Red Hat OpenShift and the IBM® watsonx AI and data platform. This combination will enable enterprises to access IBM watsonx in private, on-premises infrastructure as a service (IaaS) environments as well as hybrid cloud with watsonx SaaS offerings on IBM Cloud®.

The source of this news is from IBM