IBM and KPMG US Announce Plans to Deliver Innovative SAP Business Transformation in Energy & Utilities

October 24, 2023

KPMG brings business-led, SAP-enabled functional transformation experience in more than 25 countries while leveraging deep energy and utility industry knowledge to deliver business value. KPMG and IBM Consulting bring complementary skillsets across SAP technology implementation, cross-sector business processes, regulatory, risk, finance, and tax considerations, and operational issues. Together, KPMG and IBM have already delivered a comprehensive business transformation program at Liberty Utilities, a leading provider of local utility management, service and support across the United States and Canada. "IBM Consulting has been our trusted partner, and we continue our collaboration to accelerate our remarkable transformation journey," said Jody Allison, Vice President, Transformation at Liberty Utilities. IBM Consulting helps accelerate business transformation for our clients through hybrid cloud and AI technologies, leveraging our open ecosystem of partners.

The source of this news is from IBM