IBM and Adobe Partner to Help Marketing and Creative Organizations Optimize Their Content Supply Chain

March 21, 2023

To address this growing business need, this week at Adobe Summit IBM is introducing a new way to help our clients utilize Adobe’s technologies to transform their marketing organizations by optimizing their content supply chain. The content supply chain is the process of creating, managing, reviewing, deploying, and analyzing content, connecting people, processes, tools, insights and ways of working into a single workflow while providing end-to-end visibility for stakeholders. Yet, for many organizations, the content supply chain is disconnected, which can result in less productivity, higher costs, and missed revenue opportunities. Through IBM’s content supply chain services, clients can tap into the power of their Adobe Workfront, Creative Cloud, Adobe Experience Manager and to connect siloed teams and stakeholders and create a single, optimized and automated workflow for all content. IBM Consulting helps clients apply intelligent commerce, using Adobe Commerce combined with data and AI technology and IBM iX Experience Orchestrator to transform experiences into shoppable moments.

The source of this news is from IBM