How the Masters uses watsonx to manage its AI lifecycle

April 16, 2024

The Masters has long relied on IBM to manage its data, applications and workloads across on-premises servers and multiple clouds, but this year marks an important evolution: the entire AI lifecycle is being managed on the AI and data platform IBM® watsonx™. Preparing and annotating dataIBM helps organizations put their data to work, curating and preparing data for use in AI models and applications. Developing and evaluating AI modelsThe IBM®™ component of watsonx lets enterprise users build AI applications faster and with less data, whether they’re using generative AI or traditional ML. “For the Masters we use 290 traditional AI models to project where golf balls will land,” says Baughman. Governing and maintaining modelsWatsonx.governance provides automated monitoring of deployed ML and generative AI models and facilitates transparent, explainable results.

The source of this news is from IBM