How PayPal's PYUSD could change the crypto landscape - Fireblocks' Ran Goldi

September 15, 2023

To get a better understanding of how PayPal entering the stablecoin arena will affect the cryptocurrency ecosystem, Kitco Crypto had a conversation with Ran Goldi, senior vice president of payments at Fireblocks. Stepping into the stablecoin realm represents a profound shift in how mainstream financial institutions perceive digital assets,” Goldi said. This is a major advantage that PayPal has over incumbents.”PYUSD also “opens up PayPal’s otherwise closed ecosystem to allow liquidity to flow freely between PayPal and digital asset markets,” he said. “They will likely have a role as the unit of account in the digital asset ecosystem. “From the perspective of banks, stablecoins are a new and untested technology.

The source of this news is from Paxos