Gem Rush: Mach-63

July 02, 2023

Mach-63 is the next Blanko stepping up for Gem Rush starting July 6th, at 3:00 PM PDT / 22:00 UTC! When a Gem Rush activates for a Blanko, you will be able to progress it to Premium Grades called Mint and Gem Mint. This process can be repeated with two identical MT LV 15 Blankos to create a brand new, boxed Gem Mint Level 1 (GM LV 1) Blanko, consuming the two identical MT LV 15 Blankos in the process. 8700 XP to Level UpLV 82000 Blanko Bucks9400 XP to Level UpLV 93 Random Gumballs10100 XP to Level UpLV 10Unique Blanko Sound Effect Pack – The Cry of Ice and FireHarken! 10900 XP to Level UpLV 112000 Blanko Bucks11700 XP to Level UpLV 123 Random Gumballs12600 XP to Level UpLV 13Unique Run Trail – Inferno Wildfire WakeInferno’s speed catches the world aflame.

The source of this news is from Mythical Games