ETH Staking: A Post-Merge Analysis

January 11, 2023

Looking back, we can see a sharp increase in validators in just a five month period to today:May 15 - Sept 15 (Merge date): 287 ETH staked/day on averageSept 15 - present: 623 ETH staked/day on averageIt appears that the sentiment is growing in favor of ETH staking once more. More, New RewardsThe total reward rate for staking ETH currently ranges from 4.1% ~ 4.8% and is sourced as a result of block proposal rewards. It’s important to note that penalties are also inherent in participation in ETH staking. As more entities join to help secure the network, rewards per validator will decrease. Anchorage Digital offers the ability to stake natively from its industry-leading custody, complete with uptime guarantees to minimize concerns.

The source of this news is from Anchorage Digital