Engine Updates for Even Faster Trading on BitMEX

October 19, 2023

On 28 September, the first phase of transitioning our legacy KDB engine to the Java engine began – a move made to further improve BitMEX’s core engine architecture and subsequent trading improvements for our users. When the transition is complete by the end of 2023, the BitMEX trading engine will have three times more throughput, with impacts from the first phase already visible through reduced order book latency and significantly faster trading request handling. To date, there are significant and positive impacts visible to two aspects of our trading engine: order book latency and request handling. Order Book LatencyOrder book latency is the time it takes for users on BitMEX to identify any changes made to the order book. Post the upgrade, users will experience much faster responses of under 200 ms for any trading requests they put through.

The source of this news is from BitMEX